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Why do you need health insurance and its benefits explained

By / Last Updated on: Feb 20, 2022 16:58:28 IST

Know Insurance benefits

Health insurance has become vital in today’s times. During a medical emergency, it is important to keep yourself and your family protected. Good health insurance would act as an umbrella during those tough times. It also lowers the stress in paying up the hospital bills when unprecedented.

Based upon the type of health insurance cover, it may cover the hospital costs, medication, consultation costs, etc. It is ideal to find health insurance that not only suits you but your family as well.




1. Less stress to pay up the hospital bills

When you are unwell or have a medical emergency, it is vital that you focus on your health rather than worrying about paying up the bills that follow. By having health insurance it reduces your burden financially


2. Tax Benefits

By opting for health insurance, you can reduce your tax liability by claiming it in the 80C section. Additionally, returns are also tax-free under Section 10D.


3. Cashless claim process

Major hospitals provide a cashless claim process and it is very handy during unforeseen circumstances as well as planned medical surgeries. Depending on the type of insurance you can claim the amount that was spent.


4. Free Health Checkup

If your plan allows you a free health checkup every year, then it is beneficial to make sure you are fit and healthy. Any ailments during the health checkup can be treated from the start instead of waiting to develop a severe version.


When can one opt for health insurance?

• You are the only breadwinner for the family and you have dependents
• You wish financial support for you and your family in case of medical emergencies
• It is better to start early in procuring a health insurance


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